How a Toronto Roofing Company Help You Know When It Is Time For A New Roof Replacement

How a Toronto Roofing Company Help You Know When It Is Time For A New Roof Replacement

Shelter is one of man’s basic need therefore a good roof over your head is basic for survival. It protects you from hostile weather conditions and offers protection for you and your loved one Regardless of its importance damages to a roof are inevitable and whether you like it or not you will find yourself in need of a replacement. The problem usually comes about determining when a replacement is needed. Toronto Roofing Company have some of the tips to help in your future endeavors.

Roofing Leaks

This is probably one of the most direct ways of your roof telling you it needs replacement. If you have waited until water has started dripping through the ceiling on a rainy day, you have waited for way too long a time to have the necessary repairs. As the water sips in and soaks the wood, it will start to rot and grow mold which in turn will make the whole roof structure weak and an conducive environment for a human being. If you are standing in your attic looking up and you realize you can see daylight, well,It’s time to let go of the old roof and there’s an urgent need to replace it.

Roof Age

Everything has a life span. Most roofs wear and tear over time until they just become old and dysfunctional. Age is also determined by material and expertise used to make the roof. Some can last up to 20 years while others barely make a decade. If your roof is older than 20 years and has a number of layers beneath it then a replacement is highly recommended. Also as your shingles age so is the need for. replacement.

Missing shingles

When you realize that parts of your roof is missing tiles or they are broken it could be an option indicator that the material needs replacing. More often than not this usually happens after the house has been hit by a storm. It would be easier to replace the missing items, but there is need for further inspection as there could have been more damage to the roof than you realize.

Missing granules

When you’re looking at your shingles and you notice a difference in color from that of your surface or you are starting to see white coming through, this is usually a sign that you should think of replacing your roof. Granules are those particles that accumulate in the gutter when your tiles have become old and started wearing off. This is a sign that the fiberglass covering them is wearing out. However, sometimes you do not have to have an accumulation of granules to see this effect. In the event of hostile weather half your roof might get blown away if you fail to act fast enough when you see the signs stated above.

It is important to watch out for these signs or any other that read red to you as it is better to take care of the situation before it grows to a problem and possibly forces you to temporarily vacate your premises. Toronto Roofing Company have diverse knowledge and experience in with such signs therefore they would know what to do best.

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