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September 2010



Astronomy in Canada!

Canada is often touted as one of the best countries in the world in which to be conducting astronomical research. With partnerships with many major telescopes (Gemini, James Clerk Maxwell, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescopes, to name a few), as well as an active professional society (Canadian Astronomical Society) and amateur society (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada), it's no wonder astronomy gets more "bang for its buck" here in Canada.

But for all the terrific new discoveries our astronomers are making every year, little of it makes the daily news headlines. With a greater emphasis on Canadian contributions to the field in school curriculum across the country, it is the goal of this website to place that information at your fingertips. Visit the links below to meet some of the Canadian astronomers who have made history, and who are making history in their chosen areas of research. Read up on the latest developements in both astronomy and space exploration technology, as well as how you, too, can become involved in an exciting scientific field.

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Canadian Astronomers
History of Astronomy in Canada
Canadian Contributions to Space Exploration
Canadian Astronomical Facilities and Instruments
Getting Involved with Astronomy in Canada

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