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  Science Fair Astronomy

Science fairs give you the chance to really dive into a topic which interests you, and teach the world more about it (while discovering new things for yourself!). If you are interested in preparing an astronomy project for a science fair, we hope you will find the following helpful.

Do you have an idea for an astronomy science fair project that you would like to see included here? Let us know!

Sample Project Ideas:

The list of possible astronomy-based science fair topics is nearly infinite in length! Here are a few ideas we came up with, as well as links to some more...

  1. Build and describe the workings of a telescope.
  2. Build and describe the workings of a sundial.
  3. Measure the diameter of the Sun.
  4. Measure the diameter of the Earth.
  5. Precession of the Earth - when will we switch "North Stars?"
  6. The effects of the Moon on the tides.
  7. Connecting Sunspots and Northern Lights.
  8. How do sunpots and solar storms affect radio transmissions?
  9. What are comets?
  10. Create craters to mimic those found on the Moon and Earth.
  11. Make a model to explain the phases of the Moon.
  12. Use parallax to measure stellar distances.
  13. Determine the temperature of the Sun.
  14. Create prototypes of vehicles which can be launched into space.

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