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  Family Astronomy Activities

While astronomy is making a new appearance in many science courses at school, discovering the night sky is certainly not limited to the classroom! Enjoy astronomy through some of these activities designed for the whole family.

Canadian Junior Astronomer Program

This new initiative of the Canadian Astronomical Society invites students of all ages to become a Junior Astronomer. Select from a list of things to find in the sky and on the internet to complete a level, and move from Star, to Nova, to Supernova. The levels can be completed by the whole family or parents can help out the younger ones.

Star Chart for this Month

Download the star chart for this month, and spend the evening outdoors planet and constellation hunting. Don't forget the flashlight!

Directory of Science Centers and Planetaria

Science centers and planetaria bring out the child in all of us! Use this link to find the science center, planetarium or observatory (some of which have public tours) nearest you, as well as contact information.

Tour of the Universe

Sit back with the family and take a tour of the universe from your computer. From this site, enjoy a slide show of many of the wonders of the night sky as photographed by amateur astronomers.

Tour of the Night Sky

Starting with the Big Dipper, make your way across the sky finding constellations and learning about astronomy using this tour of the stars and accompanying star map.

Astronomy Camping Activities

Take advantage of the dark skies available when camping to do a bit of stargazing!

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